Thursday, September 2, 2010

“ Postcards from India” (treatment)

“Postcards from India” (Pocztówki Z Indii) is a follow up of the successful TV program “Dancing with Georgia” which was broadcasted in March and April of 2009 on TVP2.
The new series covers Katarzyna Pakosinska’s journey to India, invoked by vintage postcards from the storage box she had bought on a flea market.
In these 6 episodes, the famous Polish actress and TV presenter searches the sights and experiences the atmosphere described in the postcards. By doing so she develops her own adventures: she learns to cook traditional dishes, rides elephants, flies a hot-air balloon, meets Yoga gurus, learns how to dance Indian dances or how to act in a Bollywood movie and discovers the beauties of the country, hospitality, warmth and generosity of its people. The path of the journey is based on the images from the postcards and starts in Delhi and ends in Mumbai (Bombay). Taken together, the series covers over 5000 km of territory and explore following locations: Delhi, Rajastan, Sikkim, Goa, etc (the list of locations will be finalized after the research trip).
The series is a mixture of scripted and non-scripted travel reality format, with Katarzyna Pakosinska being an active protagonist and not just an observer. The project blog will enable viewers to follow her story from the research (pre-production) period. The web site will also display photos and Youtube-type videos with additional material, which would not fit into the TV version. The original soundtrack from the series will be also available for download.
Producer: Sergi Gvarjaladze
Director: Sergi Gvarjaladze
Writers: Katarzyna Pakosinska / Sergi Gvarjaladze
Production Company: KOMUNAMEDIA
Photo & Video by Sergi Gvarjaladze